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You could find comments, FAQ and review about Tala ant egg oil… There are reviews on Tala ant egg oil…



- I bought ant egg oil 1 year ago, i complain about hair over lip and chin. My hair decreased. I didn’t say my bridal that. 3 months later she asked “What did you do over lip and chin?” I was happy :) You should buy and try this.


- A friend of mine from Denmark  tried TALA ant egg oil and it worked for him. Are you still shipping the oil worldwide because I want to try it for myself?


- I have been using ant egg oil for 5 months. I didn’t trust before using that but now a great deal of hair decreased. My hair completely will disappear in near future. I am glad to use ant egg oil.


- My hair slimmed and reduced after i had used ant egg oil. While i was waxing I was afflicting but now i don’t afflict because of using that. Because i am pregnant i don’t use it but later i am going to use that.


- I waxed two weeks ago and i used tala ant egg hair reducing cream every night in five days. I had been waxing once a week before then but now there isn’t any hair in my body.


Q: Which countries do you send your products?

A: We can send all over the world…


Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

A: We have two methods to accept money. One of them is Paypal (with credit card) and the other one is Bank Wire transfer.


Q: Is this ant egg oil smell like ant ?

A: No. It doesn’t smell like ant.


Q: Can I use this product pregnant?

A: No. You couldn’t use ant egg oil for pregnant.


Q: Does ant egg oil have any side effects?

A: No. It hasn’t any side effect. Only, pregnants don’t have to use it.


Q: I just wanted to know how long I should wait until i start seeing results and how often I should repeat the session.

A: After you have cleaned the area, put Tala Ant Egg Oil on the clean area and massage for about 10 minutes. Do this on 4 or 5 nights before you go to sleep. It will be enough for first session. You will notice that your hair is getting less. The following months you will do the same thing in 4 to 6 more sessions (it will take about 6 months) and you won’t have any hair on your body anymore, forever. 


Q: I would like to purchase this product but I live in Europe. Is it possible to order from here?

A: Yes, it is possible to order from Europe and anywhere in the world. We could send our  ant egg oil and cream products all over the world.


Q: I wonder how to use the Tala ant egg oil? Should I apply it with a piece of cotton to the area?

A: Yes, absolutely it would be enough to put a little of it on a cotton wool and apply by messaging to the skin.


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